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[bug#35545] [PATCH 14/17] gnu: Add java-commons-pool2.

From: Björn Höfling
Subject: [bug#35545] [PATCH 14/17] gnu: Add java-commons-pool2.
Date: Mon, 6 May 2019 00:07:29 +0200

On Fri,  3 May 2019 15:01:31 +0200
Julien Lepiller <address@hidden> wrote:

> * gnu/packages/java.scm (java-commons-pool2): New variable.

> +(define-public java-commons-pool2
> +  (package
> +    (name "java-commons-pool2")

There is only version 2 in Guix and the Package Name on the homepage
is "Apache Commons Pool". Thus, I would suggest to remove the "2"
from package-name and variable-name.

The same comment can be said about java-commons-dbcp.

Otherwise, LGTM.


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