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[bug#29646] [PATCH] skalibs reproducible issue (reopen)

From: Z. Ren
Subject: [bug#29646] [PATCH] skalibs reproducible issue (reopen)
Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2017 23:42:30 +0800
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Previously, we submitted a patch that intended to fix the unreproducible issue 
of the package skalibs (#28017). Unfortunately, the patch we submitted only 
partially fixed the issues, i.e,. for the .a file (lib/skalibs/libskarnet.a). 
However, the .so file (lib/ is still non-deterministic.

After investigation, we find that in the Makefile, 'sort' should be applied 
associated with 'wildcard', rather than with only ALL_SRCS. 

To validate the fix, we applied "guix build --check --no-grafts --rounds=2 
skalibs" with the patched skarnet.scm, over three PCs (with guix 
316fd29f9b6b0941367f54f431ef99695b16a9e5), and checked the sha256sum of the 
built files. Under our testing setup, the attached patch fixes the issues for 
the .a/.so files for skalibs. Hope the patch is correct this time, and sorry 
that the previous submitted patch failed to resolve all the unreproducible 


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