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Re: [RFC] Cosmetic changes to define-configuration usage

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: [RFC] Cosmetic changes to define-configuration usage
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2023 10:46:52 -0400
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Bruno Victal <> writes:

> Forwarded from: <> & [1]
> <mirai>apteryx: IMO the spacing between the fields should have been kept
> <mirai>it makes things easier to read
> <mirai>it's a nightmare if the records grow very large
> <apteryx>mirai: I was on the fence about it, but keeping the fields together 
> in the same record appears to be the more conventional style in the code base
> <apteryx>(together as in without blank lines in-between)
> <mirai>apteryx: I'm planning to gradually shift the define-configurations to 
> have a space between fields
> <apteryx>mirai: it should be discussed first to guix-devel :-)
> I'd like to propose for field specifications in define-configuration to be 
> separated with a
> blank line between them. Reason for this is that it makes it much easier on 
> the eyes
> to read, rather than being presented with a dense hunk of text to sift 
> through.
> I tend to always insert these blank lines when making changes in these parts 
> to aid reading,
> even if they weren't originally present and were not planned to be committed. 
> I'd be happy if
> I could simply keep the line separations and avoid the tedious insert-erase 
> ritual.
> I think I'm not alone in this opinion, consider the following snippets:
> With a line separating each field:   (gnu/services/mcron.scm)
> (define-configuration/no-serialization mcron-configuration
>   (mcron
>    (file-like mcron)
>    "The mcron package to use.")
>   (jobs
>    (list-of-gexps '())
>    "This is a list of gexps (@pxref{G-Expressions}), where each gexp
> corresponds to an mcron job specification (@pxref{Syntax, mcron job
> specifications,, mcron, GNU@tie{}mcron}).")
>   (log?
>    (boolean #t)
>    "Log messages to standard output.")
>   (log-file
>    (string "/var/log/mcron.log")
>    "Log file location.")
>   (log-format
>    (string "~1@*~a ~a: ~a~%")
>    "@code{(ice-9 format)} format string for log messages.  The default value
> produces messages like @samp{@var{pid} @var{name}: @var{message}}
> (@pxref{Invoking mcron, Invoking,, mcron, GNU@tie{}mcron}).
> Each message is also prefixed by a timestamp by GNU Shepherd.")
>   (date-format
>    maybe-string
>    "@code{(srfi srfi-19)} format string for date."))
> Lines collapsed:   (gnu/services/linux.scm)
> (define-configuration fstrim-configuration
>   (package
>     (file-like util-linux)
>     "The package providing the @command{fstrim} command."
>     empty-serializer)
>   (schedule
>    (mcron-time "0 0 * * 0")
>    "Schedule for launching @command{fstrim}.  This can be a procedure, a list
> or a string.  For additional information, see @ref{Guile Syntax,,
> Job specification, mcron, the mcron manual}.  By default this is set to run
> weekly on Sunday at 00:00."
>    empty-serializer)
>   ;; The following are fstrim-related options.
>   (listed-in
>    (maybe-list-of-strings '("/etc/fstab" "/proc/self/mountinfo"))
>    ;; Note: documentation sourced from the fstrim manpage.
>    "List of files in fstab or kernel mountinfo format.  All missing or
> empty files are silently ignored.  The evaluation of the list @emph{stops}
> after the first non-empty file.  File systems with @code{X-fstrim.notrim} 
> mount
> option in fstab are skipped.")
>   (verbose?
>    (boolean #t)
>    "Verbose execution.")
>   (quiet-unsupported?
>    (boolean #t)
>    "Suppress error messages if trim operation (ioctl) is unsupported.")
>   (extra-arguments
>    maybe-list-of-strings
>    "Extra options to append to @command{fstrim} (run @samp{man fstrim} for
> more information)."
>    (lambda (_ value)
>      (if (maybe-value-set? value)
>          value '())))

I have some apprehension that if we start adding white space between the
fields here, we'll soon have people adding white space to many other
places (for consistency or other reasons), which I wouldn't welcome (I
value compactness, and since in Scheme a single newline is used to
delimit things at the top level, too much of white space can make things
less readable in my opinion).


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