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Re: Python

From: Lars-Dominik Braun
Subject: Re: Python
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2023 09:59:37 +0100

Hello Andreas,

> This one is used for python-feedparser, used for calibre and quodlibet.
> The feedparser author is not enclined to work on it:
> I would suggest to try compiling python-sgmllib3k (and potentially
> python-feedparser) without the tests, and see whether calibre still works.
> But for this, we first need to get all other inputs of calibre into working
> shape.
I fixed both python-sgmllib3k and python-feedparser. Disabling tests
would not do much in this case, since the packages really *were* broken
by a Python upstream change.

f9bff8614be32f9c2c1a54da80eaed1365b49be3 gnu: python-feedparser: Add Python 
>=3.9 compatibility.
cfccd6fe5ae00d7e81cd755be55d51ff3bf17186 gnu: python-sgmllib3k: Add Python 
>=3.9 compatibility.


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