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Re: State of core-updates

From: Christopher Baines
Subject: Re: State of core-updates
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2023 18:24:38 +0000
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Andreas Enge <> writes:

> So it would be nice if someone could set up a more complete job for
> core-updates on cuirass or QA, and maybe write up a how-to to see which
> packages work and which ones need more love, preferably by architecture.
> (Without offense, I honestly do not see what
> tells me. There is one evaluation with 290 succeeding and 300 failing
> builds, and another one with 7 succeeding and 4 failing builds. Or are
> these only the newly succeeding or failing builds? There is the dashboard
> which gives visual clues, but can it be used to extract a list of
> "originally failing" packages, in the sense that the compilation fails
> itself instead of just a dependency - otherwise said, the failures highest
> up in the package graph, which need to be worked on? On QA I think so far
> there is nothing for core-updates, and the bordeaux build farm probably
> could not keep up while also working on issues from the tracker. Generally
> speaking, I think we need more tooling and documentation of the tooling if
> feature branches are to become a thing.)

I configured QA to submit builds for core-updates a little while back,
currently it requires a code change [1].


The builds are currently low priority compared to the patch testing ones
though, and there are more of these since raising the limit [2].


You can see the substitute availability for core-updates here [3].


It's possible to alter the priority for builds, so we could try and get
some to happen for core-updates.

I'm going to try and put some more time in to getting the qa-frontpage
to display some useful information about branches.



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