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[Guile-commits] branch wip-rtl-dwarf deleted (was 3341d03)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-rtl-dwarf deleted (was 3341d03)
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:55:37 +0000

wingo pushed a change to branch wip-rtl-dwarf
in repository guile.

       was  3341d03   add DWARF parser

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  3341d03   add DWARF parser
  discards  c3f4d5c   procedure-properties for RTL functions
  discards  a181ba4   procedure-documentation works on RTL procedures
  discards  c95daf5   add rtl arity tests
  discards  7ff8f3d   add procedure name test
  discards  0af475d   Write docstrings into RTL ELF images
  discards  7aa3e8a   find-program-arities handles case-lambda appropriately
  discards  c97c662   Wire up ability to print RTL program arities
  discards  8e84582   Fix circular module dependencies
  discards  e9cfd74   (system vm debug) can read arity information
  discards  f73fda5   remove arity nlocals and alternate fields
  discards  e3d7b5f   RTL assembler writes arities information into separate 
  discards  81e47c6   Beginnings of tracking of procedure arities in assembler
  discards  22864da   add procedure prelude macro-instructions
  discards  dff2c1c   begin-program takes properties alist
  discards  324c494   "Flag" operands represented with booleans
  discards  b773bfb   assembler refactor
  discards  a517bac   `disassemble' REPL command works with RTL programs
  discards  51643c3   Fix program-debug-info-addr; remove FIXMEs in 
  discards  d59a63a   RTL programs print with their name
  discards  ea782a4   move procedure-name and procedure-source to procprop.c
  discards  ee4fb86   disassembler has more useful annotations
  discards  2487f9f   disassembler prints labels and has better code annotations
  discards  3c530fd   Better disassembly of signed values
  discards  5e8c13f   disassemble-program for rtl
  discards  900b54d   add (system vm debug) [fixme: reword]
  discards  f343eb8   add rtl program predicate and accessor to programs.c
  discards  59158f3   new helpers in elf.scm
  discards  2c8a523   assembling RTL writes a symbol table
  discards  b4fbb18   Add RTL assembler
  discards  5c00867   add new rtl vm
  discards  59bce5a   refactor to resolve_variable
  discards  98c106f   cpp hygiene in the vm
  discards  4dc1be2   pop-continuation abort-continuation hooks pass return 
vals directly
  discards  e56d6b6   vm-engine: remove register assignments
  discards  b2b410e   remove some configurability in vm-engine
  discards  ae8ae39   minor vm-engine cleanups
  discards  f138dc9   remove CONS macro in VM; use scm_cons instead
  discards  b554504   inline vm-engine.h into vm-engine.c
  discards  0fd66aa   add (find-mapped-elf-image) procedure to (system vm 
objcode) module
  discards  2984900   refactor and simplify ELF loader in objcodes.c
  discards  e70b1e0   refactor linker to lay out ELF files and memory in the 
same way
  discards  8aa1a31   elf: add accessors for header members that might need 
  discards  67123b6   ELF refactor and consequent linker simplifications
  discards  62a968d   split linker out of elf module

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