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[Guile-commits] branch wip-rtl-cps deleted (was 5a44ec4)

From: Andy Wingo
Subject: [Guile-commits] branch wip-rtl-cps deleted (was 5a44ec4)
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:55:13 +0000

wingo pushed a change to branch wip-rtl-cps
in repository guile.

       was  5a44ec4   Test cps->rtl

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

  discards  5a44ec4   Test cps->rtl
  discards  29dc9f7   Test Closure Conversion
  discards  ecf40ec   Bugfixes in cps-isomorphic
  discards  ebbc994   Test tree-il->cps
  discards  b80b231   Split compile-rtl.scm
  discards  845547a   Add `cps-eval'
  discards  69e653e   Adjust to RTL Change
  discards  b7a0e32   Module References in CPS
  discards  565160d   More CPS Tests
  discards  3b9cb3f   Clean-ups in CPS compiler
  discards  faabd2c   CPS Annotator Handles Letrec
  discards  65e2887   Closure Conversion in CPS
  discards  71e0b71   Handle lambdas in tree-il->cps
  discards  376611d   Allocate Registers and Labels Separately
  discards  bd56dba   CPS Annotator Infrastructure
  discards  fa3567b   Split (language cps compile-rtl)
  discards  2a50320   Compile let to CPS
  discards  0c8f13d   Bugfix in CPS Printer
  discards  71a43ae   Add CPS Printer
  discards  22823ad   Sequences in CPS
  discards  518f03a   Lexical Sets in CPS
  discards  a240d1e   CPS Compiler Function
  discards  a451fc9   Adopt Naming Convention
  discards  cb1859e   Make Lambda Arguments Mutable
  discards  b57621e   Allocate Call Frames Explicitly
  discards  1b50c36   Support N-ary Primitive Outputs
  discards  14922ac   Clean Up the Register Allocator
  discards  169ed53   Rename 'name-value' to 'name-defn'
  discards  e2eea90   Test + Function
  discards  4f4c8b9   Separate CPS and CPS-Data
  discards  d4fa79f   Toplevel Sets in CPS
  discards  8250248   Toplevel Refs in CPS
  discards  f06f9f9   More CPS Primitives
  discards  7e653a1   Begin Tree-IL->CPS Compiler
  discards  3388b29   Simplify CPS If
  discards  9c7ac44   Bugfix in compiling CPS 'if'
  discards  a4659be   Compile CPS primitive '+'
  discards  e518855   Compile CPS 'if'
  discards  ebf6f50   Primitive and if in CPS
  discards  2724a1b   Parser and unparser for CPS
  discards  9db0d53   Factor CPS Code
  discards  42cce87   Record-based CPS Representation
  discards  cc9f2d2   Add Identity Test
  discards  b45297e   Make Allocation Automatic
  discards  d46ac9f   Support Non-tail Calls
  discards  0d0fef2   Better register allocation
  discards  27a8180   First work on CPS

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