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Re: [Gtick-devel] feature request

From: Steven Ruppert
Subject: Re: [Gtick-devel] feature request
Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2006 20:23:48 -0600

On 9/9/06, Roland Stigge <address@hidden> wrote:

Steven Ruppert wrote:
> I was thinking something like this
> < >.
> The tabs could be renamed somehow, and if you clicked on the tab bar, it
> would make a new tab(profile). The tab bar itself could be disabled in
> the preferences or something. The tab bar could also be at the bottom,
> or below the visual metronome.

Nice idea! Personally, I would prefer preset-buttons (like programmes in
a (car?) radio) to switch through, rather than tabs (which technically
duplicate all the widgets inside ( i.e. under) the tabs. You could save
with a save function (context menu on button) and restore by just
clicking on the button.

Yeah, buttons might be better, since you don't have to duplicate the widgets. It'd still be nice to name them, plus with buttons, there's a limit to how many you can display nicely. The metronome linked below has programs(profiles) that are accessed just by program+ and program- buttons to switch between them. That would also be a way to do it, but if you have more than two, you're going to have some errant beats while switching programs.

Further, I'm not so sure if the general volume should be included in the
profiles. Finally, we are adjusting the volume to general environmental
properties which won't change between profiles, but when we want to
change them, most probably generally (not for individual profiles).
Therefore, in a profile, I would include the "Beat" settings (including
Accents, ...) and "Speed".

You could put the volume vertically and to the side, so if you use tabs, the volume isn't duplicated in each tab.

> Also, an additional feature request I thought of. It'd be nice if you
> could set eighths, sixteenths, triplets, and other subbeats to play
> without changing the base tempo and adding accents.

Also interesting...

Generally, we would need something like an "infra-beat", subdividing the
actual beat. This would derive drastically from traditional metronome
functionality. I was often thinking how much we should derive from the
"original" metronome, on the way to a complete drum machine. Also, we
also need to care about beginners and "featuritis" scaring people away.
Therefore we are already hiding some functionality be default. If the
latter is well accepted we can follow on this strategy.

this is exactly what this BOSS DB-88 met has. The sliders at the bottom left control the volume of "subbeats". it has triplets, 16ths, and 8ths.
This leads me to yet another feature request. Like the metronome linked above, it'd be nice if there were separate volume controls for accents, and subbeats. Of course, this is definitly on the side of "featureitis", and would probably be hidden by default. This isn't quite as useful as subbeats themselves, but it would be nice.

> For instance, if
> your song was at 160, but you wanted to practice a 16th note run, you'd
> have to set gtick to tempo to 640 bpms with an accent on every four
> beats.

:-) Is this a good example? I wonder how many of us are regularly using
a metronome actually beating at ~ 11Hz? I think there is a reason why
traditional metronomes don't support much about 200bpm. And instead of
practicing with half-time beat, you couldn't make use of much more than
400bpm, I guess...

640 bpms would be the same as  16ths at 160bpms. Believe me, it really helps with group runs.

What do you (and the others) think?



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