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[Gtick-devel] feature request

From: Steven Ruppert
Subject: [Gtick-devel] feature request
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 16:21:16 -0600

Hello gtick developers,

gtick is a great program and it's lot better than most windows metronome programs(and a lot cheaper!), but there's one feature I miss. On most hardware mets, you can save the tempo and other settings to different programs, and recall them with a button. It's useful for songs that change tempo in the middle of the song. It'd be nice if you could have maybe separate tabs or something for different, preferably nameable profiles or settings, kind of like foobar2000's different playlists. One other thing that would be nice is if the slider for bpm's could be restrained(confined?) to integers, instead of tenths. Unfortunately, the only programming I can do is on TI-83's BASIC language, so I can't be much help on coding anything. I hope these features get added soon!

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