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Re: [PATCH] Drop gnulib fix-base64.patch

From: Robbie Harwood
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Drop gnulib fix-base64.patch
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 09:36:14 -0500

Daniel Kiper <> writes:

> CC-ing Daren, Patrick and Vladimir...
> When I started looking at this issue I realized we have bigger problem
> here than lack of _GL_ATTRIBUTE_CONST definition. In general all _GL_*
> constants land in and finally in config-util.h. It
> does not make a lot of sense because config-util.h is not included
> when you build GRUB core. Instead it is included when you build GRUB
> utils. Huh!  AFAICT this means the gnulib is deprived of all its
> specific constants.  I am not sure how it worked at all in so
> far. Anyway, I think we have to fix it properly.
> Robbie, may I ask you to talk to gnulib folks and ask them how we
> should solve this problem? Please CC all folks CC-ed in this email.

I'm not opposed to getting gnulib's opinion, but don't we already know
what they suggest from
(i.e., run configure twice)?

(Though if other folks on CC want to provide more input on that
would be helpful.)

Be well,

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