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From: Franklin PIAT
Subject: Docs
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 09:46:28 +0100


After some thoughts, I'll release the documentation[1] I wrote, with
copyright assignments to FSF, Dual licensed under GPL+GFDL.

I wish I could have left it on a Wiki, then do docbook/xml export, then
converting it to info+manpages...

* But I guess it won't be possible if we need copyright assignments 
  from contributors (although I think it might be possible to make some 
  group based ACLs in Moinmoin wiki).

* What do you think about maintaining the documentation in docbook 
  then converting it to texinfo ? Would it fit FSF Coding style ?

  I've had a deeper look at Texinfo : The specification are larger
  that html (i don't have the time to learn it)... And I haven't 
  fount authoring tool, etc...

Could you have a look at my work in the "manpages" section of :
The grub.cfg page still needs quite some work, the other one are
almost ok (one final review from me, one from you, and one from
debian-i18n team to remove Franglish and other errors ).
Your comments are welcome !


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