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Re: Grub Change HELP***

From: gilberto
Subject: Re: Grub Change HELP***
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 00:04:37 -0200 (BRST)
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Robert I tried read the value of the memory in grub, but didn't work very
How I can get the value of the adress 0x000ffa17  and put its on pointer.
I am sorry but I need help.
How i make this?

I tried this code, but I have some errors, I define the variable but
didn't resolve, the people of the clevo notebook make the especial BIOS to
me,and I need get this value and make the logical comparation!!! Could you
help me? Don't me alone with this problem. I already said before, If
necessary I will pay, It's very important to my company resolve this
situation. My time is over now.

> > if (*((grub_uint8_t *) 0x000ffa17))
> >   grub_env_set ("default", "1");
> > else
> >   grub_env_set ("default", "0");

> On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 12:10:44AM -0200, address@hidden
> wrote:
>> Hi, comunity of GNU Linux, Robert please see my idea about my problem:
>> This file is builtins.c line 3974 more less. I add more commands.
>> I set variable localiza to adress 0x000ffa17 , I am not sure but I think
>> the function  grub_sprintf, read the menu.lst if it is true I made the
>> condicional expression to verify the variable localiza, depend of the
>> value if read menu.lst or menu2.lst this form I can load the linux gnu
>> system or other system. Depended of the value of the variable localiza.
>> It
>> is correct???
>>   localiza=0x000ffa17;
>>   grub_printf ("Endereço de 0x000ffa17\"contem= %d\"... ", *localiza);
>>   if ( *localiza == 0 )
>>   grub_sprintf (config_filename, "%s%s", prefix, "/menu.lst");
>>   else
>>   grub_sprintf (config_filename, "%s%s", prefix, "/menuw.lst");
> Sorry I can't tell.  I don't see any obvious mistakes in this code, but
> I'm
> only familiar with GRUB 2.  Try switching to that.  It'll also make it
> easier
> to debug your problem (since you can poke at variables in rescue mode,
> etc).
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