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1.23.0 RC4 status and post-1.23.0 Git branch force-push pending

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: 1.23.0 RC4 status and post-1.23.0 Git branch force-push pending
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 17:49:29 -0500

Hi folks,

Bertrand has approved the cherry-picking of some fixes from the
post-1.23.0 branch and is having a look at some others (roughly, I
think, commits to that branch after Spanish localization).  (See below.)

This means I have rebased the post-1.23.0 branch against master,
desyncing it, and I will have to force-push it.  This will make the
branch more difficult for other people to use.  Sorry about that.  :(

While we're waiting for the 1.23.0 final release to happen, it might be
better if people create their own branches of master to push their work
to.  (In the future, I'll use a name like "branden-post-1.23.0" for this
sort of thing.)

Since that bridge is crossed, I'll also revise the post-1.23.0 branch to
tidy up the commits as I would with a GitHub-style PR.

I shared the following write-up with Bertrand yesterday regarding other
stuff pending on the post-1.23.0 branch.

Here are the [commits] after Spanish localization.  I'll group them as
"feature units", though strictly speaking each one is an isolable change
set.  This distinction is that a human is more likely to need to
hand-merge these if they're split up.

These also constitute notes to myself when staging the merge of these
items onto master, so that I conceal some of my stupid typos and form
cleaner commits.

Item A: groff wrappers for system macro packages
        Helpful to people building groff on proprietary Unix, since the
        configuration report was kind of unclear here.

8191fd3b3 m4/groff.m4 (GROFF_TMAC): Fix code style nits.
        not essential
b0188e80c [build]: Clarify GROFF_TMAC Autoconf test output.
        makes the configuration report less misleading
5be747f94 m4/groff.m4: Drop garbage space from variable.
55fe32728 ChangeLog: Add bug closer for Savannah #63900.
        goes with the 2nd item in the group

Item B: Deri's pdfmom '--roff' feature.  Already discussed.

a4cff187d [gropdf]: Make pdfmom more versatile.
689f2bfa3 [gropdf]: Drop pdfmom's new '-roff' option.
        ...leaving '--roff' intact.
a3e535d13 ChangeLog: Fix typo.

Item C: documentation typo

2b4c36d93 PROBLEMS: Fix typo.
        cosmetic; presumably most people will figure out what we mean

Item D: Savannah #63924.

a087c1b19 [build, man]: Fix Savannah #63924.
        Fixes an embarrassing screw-up of mine on proprietary Unix
        systems.  Admittedly, it just makes a lot of noise--it doesn't
        seem to _break_ the use of Solaris's system man package from
        groff.  It just gets complained about hundreds of times to

Item E: Savannah #63831.

e77bc387c Fix Savannah #63831.
        Fixes a build problem on newlib-using systems like MinGW. [...]

Item F: Incorrect statement in documentation.

414d0eb89 HACKING: Stop saying automake.pdf isn't installed.
        I want to understand some day how automake.pdf is managed by
        doc/ because I am quite confused.  :-O

Item G: Documentation for older changes you appear to have already
declined for 1.23.0.  (They affect only "make install-doc" from repo
builds, and have nothing to do with the distribution archive.)  They
should be coalesced with their antecedents when properly merged onto
master.  Non-essential.

d10f70c20 ChangeLog: Annotate regression fix (1/2).
        documents 803ad5f7b3
9b0432bd2 (HEAD -> post-1.23.0, origin/post-1.23.0) ChangeLog: Annotate 
regression fix (2/2).
        documents f5851f298b

[...] please let me know which, if any, of the item letters above you'd
like to see on master before tagging 1.23.0.rc4.
--end snip--


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