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Re: [mom] Using LIST with DOCTYPE SLIDES

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Re: [mom] Using LIST with DOCTYPE SLIDES
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2021 10:48:25 +0200
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Hi Peter,

On 13/06/2021 22:31, Peter Schaffter wrote:

"PDF slides are a special kind of mom document, formatted for viewing
  in a PDF reader’s presentation mode.  In most respects, they behave
  identically to the other document types.  Key differences are:

  - headers, footers, and pagination are disabled by default
  - type is set QUAD CENTER by default
  - flex-spacing and shimming are disabled by default; shimming may be
    re-enabled (with NO_SHIM OFF), but not flex-spacing
  - there’s no need for PRINTSTYLE"

obviously I missed that one.

For all other doctypes, yes, definitely assertive. :)

The rational for slides not requiring PRINTSTYLE is that since no
one is going to need typewritten, double-spaced, MLA-formatted
slides, the template is always TYPESET.

Let's say, "to need anymore". In the early 1990s, I was once tasked with
making presentation slides, and since video projectors were not readily
available, real slides were the way to go. Text presentations were
delivered to a terminal of which I took pictures with Polaroid 135 film
(rapid development within minutes with dedicated processor), the film
was then cut and framed and the presentation was ready to go.

Texts were limited by what is possible on a tty, and for title slides
etc. we used ascii art or ad hoc scripts which read BDF fonts and
combined the bit patterns into multi-line output. When composing slides,
boxes of text were positioned by generating a screen-size array of 0x20
and we then pushed the boxes around using the block yank, cut and paste
feature of the editor.

So, why not design a typewritten output for mom slides? Just joking,
your time is too precious for that kind of nostalgia.

Best regards,


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