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Re: [Groff] automake for man-pages

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: Re: [Groff] automake for man-pages
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 11:04:56 +0100
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On 13/08/15 22:19, Bertrand Garrigues wrote:
> ...  The only thing is that after the 'else' the 3 lines
>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN1)
>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN5)
>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN7)
> are incorrect, it should be of course
>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN1)
>   man5_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN5)
>   man7_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN7)

Surely a typo here?  Those two assignment groups look identical to me.

> I've left man files as .man in the source tree because it was the case
> before the Automake migration.  I you prefer to have files in the source
> tree that have a suffix corresponding to the section they belong to
> ( instead of for example) it should be possible
> but more complicated because we would have to defined more suffix rules
> to build the final man files from, and (we would
> have to define a new suffix I think, ...

While I'm very much in favour of avoiding increased complexity, is this
really the case?  Surely, the source suffix remains as ".man", and the
".[157]" could become part of the stem?  Thus, if the original source
files "" and "" were to be renamed as "" and
"" respectively, then one suffix rule will suffice:

   .SUFFIXES: .man

         [command(s) to generate $@ from address@hidden

   all-manpages: foo.1 bar.5

and make will generate the "foo.1" and "bar.5" manpages directly, in
place in the build directory, ready to propagate to the install tree,
with a simple $(INSTALL_DATA).  Surely, this actually represents a
*simplification* of the current strategy, where the initial generation
is as the intermediate "foo.n" and "bar.n" files, and the installation
rule then has to rename those to "foo.1" and "bar.5" respectively?


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