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Re: [Groff] automake for man-pages

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: Re: [Groff] automake for man-pages
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2015 15:31:29 +0100
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On 14/08/15 14:56, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
>>>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN1)
>>>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN5)
>>>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN7)
>>> are incorrect, it should be of course
>>>   man1_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN1)
>>>   man5_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN5)
>>>   man7_MANS += $(PREFIXMAN7)
>> Surely a typo here?  Those two assignment groups look identical to me.
> man1 v. man{1,5,7}.

Ah!  I saw the {1,5,7} at the end, and missed the repeating 1s on the
LHS.  Thanks.

Of course, this is precisely the sort of added complexity which makes
the installation process error prone.  I know the GNU Coding Standards
call for "${man1dir}", "${man2dir}", ..., but Bernd's proposed source
naming scheme lends itself to a simpler installation strategy:

   mandir = @mandir@
   mansectdir = ${mandir}/man`IFS=.;set -- $$page;eval 'echo $$'$$\#`

   ALL_MANPAGES = foo.1 bar.5 baz.7 ...

   .SUFFIXES: .man

        $(FORMAT_MANPAGE) $< > $@

   install-man: $(ALL_MANPAGES)
        for page in $^; do \
          $(INSTALL_DATA) $$page ${mansectdir}; \


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