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[Groff] Request for Code Submission Review and Integration [bug #44784]

From: Peter Bray
Subject: [Groff] Request for Code Submission Review and Integration [bug #44784]
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2015 16:45:38 +1000
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Greetings All,

  In <> Comment 11, Werner has asked
that I get another committer to review the supplied patch and commit it
to the repository due to his personal time constraints.

  The task is to review the patch (#33630), and associated notes
(#33629), apply the patch, verify that there are no adverse affects on
your platform(s), construct a Changelog entry.

  The supplied patch is well commented and should only affect systems
with vendor-supplied non-GNU *roff macros, such as my test platform
(Solaris 10 X86)

Many Thanks in Advance,

Peter Bray
Sydney, Australia

PS: Werner has received from the FSF the signed Copyright Assignment
Form requested in Comment 9, and I consider other matters raised by this
bug report as not relevant to the consideration of the submitted patch
as stated in Comment 12

file #33629:  patch-notes.txt
file #33630:  with-compatibility-wrappers.patch

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