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[Groff] Request for Code Submission Review and Integration [bug #44784]

From: Peter Bray
Subject: [Groff] Request for Code Submission Review and Integration [bug #44784]
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2015 20:33:28 +1000
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Greetings All,

  In <> Comment 11, Werner has asked
that I get another committer to review the supplied patch and commit it
to the repository due to his personal time constraints.

  The task is to review the patch (#33630), and associated notes
(#33629), apply the patch, verify that there are no adverse affects on
your platform(s), construct a Changelog entry.

  The supplied patch is well commented and should only affect systems
with vendor-supplied non-GNU *roff macros, such as my test platform
(Solaris 10 X86). The default behavior remains unchanged, and users must provide an option to 'configure' to change the behavior.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Peter Bray
Sydney, Australia

PS: Werner has received from the FSF the signed Copyright Assignment
Form requested in Comment 9, and I consider other matters raised by this
bug report as not relevant to the consideration of the submitted patch
as stated in Comment 12

file #33629:  patch-notes.txt
file #33630:  with-compatibility-wrappers.patch

PPS: For those wondering if the change is of interest to them, here is the relevant output of 'configure --help', reformatted for email, the patch contains code comments that provide a longer description of the history and related matters.

choose whether and how Operating System compatibility macro set
wrappers are installed.  VALUE can be `check', `yes', `no' or
`manual'.  `check' (the default) checks for the existence of non-GNU OS
macro sets, and implements the `yes' or `no' option accordingly. `yes'
generates Operating System macro set wrappers for use of these macros
with groff. The wrappers are installed with the original macro set
name, while groff implementations of these macro sets are installed
with a `g' prefix.  Thus use of groff implementations of these macro
sets requires use of the `-mg<macro>' option (example: -mgan). `no'
only installs only the groff implementation of macro sets. `manual'
installs the Operating System macro set wrappers as `<macro>-os'.  Use
of these OS compatibility macro sets requires the use of the
`-m<macro>-os' option (example:  -man-os).

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