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Re: [Groff] mdoc(7) interpretation differences (maybe groff bug)

From: Steffen Nurpmeso
Subject: Re: [Groff] mdoc(7) interpretation differences (maybe groff bug)
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:55:13 +0100
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 |Ralph Corderoy <address@hidden> wrote:
 ||> (For the list: mawk(1) requires a fflush("") in order to "getline <
 ||> NAME" a file NAME that has been written via "print >> NAME" before,
 ||> even though fflush("") is not standard and i cannot imagine a
 ||> situation where an awk(1) script would not like to see a fflush("") on
 ||> NAME before it starts a getline.)

  Date:   2014-11-11 14:36:38 +0100

      [mdocmx] close(mx_fo) makes mawk(1) happy (Ralph Corderoy)..
      Ooh, how embarassing is that?
      After upsetting mdocml@ and groff@ and Thomas Dickey himself
      Ralph Corderoy pointed out
        Can you not close() NAME after writing to it before re-opening
        it for getline?
      So that regular POSIX standardized function, which seems to be
      pretty common across programming languages when performing I/O,
      makes mawk(1) happy.
      Huhuuu, you damn fool from Germany.
  --- | 2 +-
   1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

  diff --git a/ b/
  index e675b79..e5f8b2d 100755
  --- a/
  +++ b/
  @@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ END {
     # If we were forced to create referenceable anchors, dump the temporary 
     # after writing our table-of-anchors (TAO :)
     if (mx_fo) {
  -    #fflush("") # FIXMEs a problem with mawk(1.3.4 20141027)
  +    close(mx_fo)

 |Thanks Ralph.  (Poor Thomas Dickey, excuse me, excuse me.)

But an honest joy
Does itself destroy
For a


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