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Re: [Groff] groff postscript output rotated 90 degrees in for a 4 x 2.5

From: Mike Bianchi
Subject: Re: [Groff] groff postscript output rotated 90 degrees in for a 4 x 2.5 inch label?
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2014 15:57:56 -0400
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On Sun, Jun 08, 2014 at 08:01:36PM -0400, Mike Bianchi wrote:
> I want to create a Postscript file with the text turned 90 degrees from
> horizontal.
>       : 

Many thanks to Clarke, Ralph and Ted (and by indirection, Werner) for all the
pointers.  My final form was

shell script:

        tmpfile=/tmp/$$.$( basename $0 )
        trap " rm -f ${tmpfile} "  0

        export PRINTER=DYMO_LabelWriter_450_Turbo

        # -P args        go to  grops(1)
        #  -p<papersize> 
        #  -l            landscape

        groff   -P -p4.0000i,2.3125i                            \
                -P -l  
                -M ${HOME}/lib/tmac                             \
                -m PrintLabels_macros                           \
                "$@"  >${tmpfile}

        gv  --media=Dymo  ${tmpfile}


        \#      Dymo 30256  LW  Large White Shipping Labels
        .ll 4.3500i     \" 4 inches       +  0.35 inch fudge factor!
        .pl 2.1625i     \" 2 5/16 inches  -  0.15 inch fudge factor!

The fudge factors where found by painful, incremental experimentation
needed to make a label formated to  4 x 2.3125 inches  print properly on
the Dymo printer's  4 x 2.3125 inch  labels.

Ever it has been so.  Sigh.

Again, many thanks for the pointers and those in the distance past that made
the whole process possible.

 Mike Bianchi

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