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[Groff] Macro packages

From: trebol
Subject: [Groff] Macro packages
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 09:41:39 +0100
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> All of them are able to create these types of documents. It is a
> matter on how hard is to learn the commands and use them. In my
> opinion, try each of them and use the one that you like.

   I  think you are right Luis.  I’m going to start with ms,

> Because it’s been in my fingers for 30 years, I use ms and the
> preprocessors for everything [...] Lesk’s intro to ‐ms is at
> http://plan9.bell‐

   Thanks Doug, the best intro to ms I’ve found.  The  troff
sources  ms  and  refcard  from  msmacros.bun have problems.
Well, the ms’s output is complete except the  rows  for  the
"Order  of  Commands  in  Input"  final figure (why not used
pic?), but the output of the refcard "A Guide  to  Preparing
Documents  with  ‐ms"  is a mess.  Fortunately there are pdf
versions of the entire unix seventh manual with  other  good


   Anyway, if you know how to compile the source, please let
me know.  Thanks again.

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