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[Groff] Macro packages

From: trebol
Subject: [Groff] Macro packages
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 17:25:02 +0100
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> I  see  you are still having ‐ as the hyphenation
> character.  You can specify a  different  character,
> the  ASCII '-' for example, in unicode.tmac or else-
> where using the .shc request:
>   .shc -

   Thanks  Aton.   I  think  it's  good that the hyphenation
character is independent of the rest of the glyph's assigna-
tions.   For now I'll let you rest of my newbie's questions,
and I will continue studying how groff works.  But  I  think
in a short time I'm going to start a lot of threads...

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