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Re: [Groff] EPS importing problem

From: Miklos Somogyi
Subject: Re: [Groff] EPS importing problem
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 09:15:51 +1000

On 10/09/2009, at 01:05 AM, (Ted Harding) wrote:

Hi Folks,
I'm encountering some problems importing an EPS file into a groff
document. This is part of an attempt to resolve difficulties
arising in the production of EPS graphics using the R statistical
software package, in particular the use of the function embedFonts().
For those who want to track it to source, the email thread on the
R-help mailing list starts at:

 [R] eps file with embedded font   Simone Gabbriellini

in the thread-based listing at

It has been partially solved (by Paul Murrel in that thread). What,
however, seems to remain is the issue of importing the file successfully
into a document. To test this, I used groff (of course ... ).

Attached are two EPS files:



I've tried to view them with the Mac's Preview and GraphicConverter.
Both pics had their right sides cut-off.
If you insert a "0.8 dup scale" instruction after %%Page: 1 1
in the first file or change the "0.1 0.1 scale" to "0.08 dup scale" in the second, you
can see the right sides unclipped.

The problem is that these are not eps files, so Brian's suggestion re using EPS writer
will probably solve all problems.
It is not absolutely necessary to use eps files, you need to because you haven't got a macro that maps [x1 y1 x2 y2] box (world coordinates) to [u1 v1 u2 v2] box (viewport on your paper). You may write such a PS routine once and add it to grops' prelude, then you ca create a groff macro that uses these mapping data and calls the PS mapping routine.

Of course there is nothing to compel to do such things for the sake of this project, but it would come handy with many projects, e.g. when writing your PS code
in simple matters like this, which would only take 20-30 lines.


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