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[Groff] Passing -D argument to grap on groff command line?

From: Bill Ward
Subject: [Groff] Passing -D argument to grap on groff command line?
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 14:59:46 -0500
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I realize that it is possible to use the environment variable GRAP_DEFINES
to pass the name of the grap definition file to grap, but I'd really like to
be able to do this from the groff command line.  How do I do this?  The
groff "-P" option seems to pass arguments on to postprocessors only.

Also, I'd really rather not have to explicitly type in all or part of the
soelim | refer | grap | pic ... pipeline just to pass this one argument.

Thanks for any help anyone might provide!

Bill Ward

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