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Re: [Groff] Background Image

From: Robert Thorsby
Subject: Re: [Groff] Background Image
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:50:52 +1000

On 2006.09.13 13:29 Louis Guillaume wrote:
Is it possible to insert a graphic as the background
for a page? Sort of similar to the `epsf' special
escape in enscript.

Even better would be a way to define a PostScript
`form' to be inserted on each page of output.

This could be useful for letterhead or emulating
pre-printed forms.

I usually do this by placing the image in the usual manner using PSPIC and then using negative space so that what follows overprints the image.

.PSPIC /path/to/image.eps (width)
.sp -400p
The quick brown fox

The text ("The quick brown fox") will overprint "image.eps" a little less than 400 pts up from the bottom of the image.

If you are using tables you can do the table first and then overprint the image into one of the cells.

For letterheads (which should only have images on the first page) use mom, or whatever macro package inspires you, and set it so that there is no header on the first page. Then use the "place picture then back up" approach on the first page.

No doubt the gurus will give you the proper way to do it, but as a Q&D approach this works.

Robert Thorsby

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