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Re: [Groff] tbl: text blocks vs. centering

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: Re: [Groff] tbl: text blocks vs. centering
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 10:27:51 -0400

Werner LEMBERG wrote...

>> The text in the first column should be centered, but is left-
>> justified.
> The crucial part of explaining the behaviour is this sentence from
>   The default length of a text block is given by LC/(N+1), where `L'
>   is the current line length, `C' the number of columns spanned by the
>   text block, and `N' the total number of columns in the table.
> As a consequence, the real field length is completely ignored;
> similarly, vertical border lines and the like are ignored too.  The
> algorithm for handling text blocks is roughly as follows:
>   1. Put each text block into a diversion with the given width, either
>      following the above formula or using a user-specified width.
>   2. Set the adjust flags, sizes, etc., as specified.
>   3. Format the diversions.
>   4. Construct the table and use the diversions.
> Step 4 shifts the diversions horizontally as needed by other fields,
> but within the diversions the horizontal spaces can't be changed
> anymore.  This causes the strange positions you observe.
> With other words: Always specify a width for a column which contain
> text blocks.

That doesn't seem to make a difference. I can force centering by wrapping the 
.ad c
blah blah...
.ad l

(Yes, the flush is necessary.) But if it's setting the adjust flags in step 2, 
isn't the adjustment getting picked up from the column spec? Also, that 
doesn't address vertical centering: the diversion containing the text block has 
a known height, so it should be possible to put it where it belongs. Again, 
specifying a column width has no effect on centering, either horizontally or 

> Here is what says about `v':
>   No effect if the corresponding table entry isn't a text block.
> This means that for the third column the default vertical spacing
> (12pt) is used.

That's easy enough to work around, by creating a "tbleven" macro:

.de tbleven
.sp 2p

and using the x(tbleven) specifier in each column. Since this also requires a 
text block to fire, it only puts the extra space where it's needed.

-- Larry

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