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Re: [Groff] Bugs in grohtml

From: Gaius Mulley
Subject: Re: [Groff] Bugs in grohtml
Date: 29 May 2003 14:14:21 +0100
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"James J. Ramsey" <address@hidden> writes:

> -mom may be designed for -Tps, not -Thtml, but all
> that should mean for grohtml is that it puts out very
> presentational, non-structured HTML, without things
> like anchors and links and heading tags like <H1>.
> -mom with -Thtml could be expected to be awful for
> general web page design, but not so bad for putting a
> novel online. That's presuming no bugs in grohtml, of
> course, which is rather silly, since it's alpha code.
> Still, nothing wrong with trying.

yes it should be possible to insert grohtml tags (or automatically
invoke equivalent -Thtml macros) into the mom macro set so that basic
html generation can be achieved. -mom is certainly an
impressive piece of work; 10000 lines of macro set, whew..

I'll wear my asbestos jacket and dare to ask whether the excellent
documentation for mom is likely to appear in info format?  Or how
difficult would it be to translate it into info?


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