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Re: [Groff] Problem with diversion

From: Robert D. Goulding
Subject: Re: [Groff] Problem with diversion
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 22:55:23 -0400 (EDT)

Dear Werner:

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> Below is my solution using a diversion.  The reason for \n[dn] always

Thank you very much for your detailed comments on the macros, and *very*
helpful tips on traps/diversions etc.  I'd figured out a couple of the
elementary things since my first post (enclosing the call to a diversion
between .nf .fi requests, for instance) but most of them I would never
have figured out on my own, either from the existing documentation or
trial and error - especially the nifty .ss trick (I'm not sure I
understand yet *how* this works, or how anyone would stumble upon it...).
Your version does exactly what I want - I will now complicate matters
entirely by trying to get a *second* series of footnotes below the
first...  One thought: given the caution you show is needed in using the
.br request, perhaps this passage in groff_tmac.5 (which I was clinging to
as a definitive statement of how to use diversions!) might be amended:

"To be on the secure side, enclose everything that has to do with
diversions into a pair of line breaks; for example, by amply using .br
requests.  This rule should be applied to diversion definition, both
inside and outside, and to all calls of diversions.  This is a bit of
overkill, but it works nicely."

By the way, do you think it would be useful to have a simple macro set
like this in the info documentation, together with line-by-line
commentary, just so that a beginner can see how traps, diversions and
environments fit together - the full macro packages are probably too
complex to be of use pedagogically.  If I get this critical edition macro
set working, at the least I'll post a heavily annotated version on a
webpage, together with your tips and others I've harvested from various

Thanks again for your help and patience with my first faltering steps in
macro programming


Robert Goulding
Society of Fellows
Joseph Henry House
Princeton NJ 08544

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