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Re: [Groff] Problem with diversion

From: Alejandro Lopez-Valencia
Subject: Re: [Groff] Problem with diversion
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:28:08 -0500

At 04:55 p.m. 25/04/2003, Ralph Corderoy wrote:

Hi Alejandro,

> [2] The Masai, who live in the Southern outskirts of the Kalahari have
> a wise saying: "There are only two wild beasts who would dare to walk
> under the sun at noon: a hyena with rabies and an Englishman".

You mean Noel plagarised the Masai?  The swine.

You bet! Start grinding the old battle-axe! Pork chop, hmmm!

I learned the saying from my undergraduate academic advisor (he who taught me to think, behave and act cynically as any good self-respecting organismic biologist/ecologist must, and also taught me evolutionary biology in the process ;-). He is an ethologist, studied under Konrad Lorenz in M√ľnchen and spent four years in the Masai Mara studying the private life of giraffes. Of course, he spent most of his time getting drunk with fermented curd in the company of Masai warriors and became one of them (he has the right scars in the, ehem!, right places to prove it :).

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