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Re: [Groff] Attaching a string to the beginning of each line?

From: Egil Kvaleberg
Subject: Re: [Groff] Attaching a string to the beginning of each line?
Date: 21 Nov 2002 13:52:02 +0100

On Wed, 2002-11-20 at 09:48, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

> First,
> an opening parenthesis is used unpaired in things like \(xx

That is very a good point indeed - users will easily be confused by this

> second,
> parentheses already serve to group mathematical expressions.

This is not - C uses () for delimiters in if and other statements with
no ill effects - the reason of course being that () are by definition
balanced in a numerical expression. Not so with <>.

> I favor
> [] and {} only for \X and related escapes which hold string-like data.

Fair enough. Perhaps also <> for non-numerical things - for a
readability point of view it is nice to have several types of
parenthesis to choose from - lispers notwithstanding.

> > An added possible benefit is that it should also allow () to be used as
> > delimiters for numbers, like in \h(1c).
> Why is this a benefit?

Your first point says it is not - I agree.

> ...
> Don't rush.

Fine. It will take a few days yet - it helps to leave things a couple of
days for re-thinking, anyway.

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