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Re: [Groff] Proposal for raster graphics extensions to gpic

From: Egil Kvaleberg
Subject: Re: [Groff] Proposal for raster graphics extensions to gpic
Date: 17 Nov 2002 18:22:55 +0100

On Sat, 2002-11-16 at 23:46, Werner LEMBERG wrote:

>   . Change readsize_pbm to readsize_pam, the (new) `mother' of all pnm
>     formats.  See pam(5) for more details.

Done that now.

Another thing: pam(5) is inconsistent wrt. the spelling of TUPLETYPE. It
is spelled like this in the example, but the documentation spells it
TUPLTYPE and says there is a limitation of 8 characters. I've supported
both spellings, but were not too impressed.

Also pam(5) puts the issue of gamma even more in the dark than ppm(5).

Finally, handling of whitespace and newlines is different in pam(5) and


>   . Move the routines readsize_{pam,ps} into the libgroff library,
>     unifying it with the code for gtroff's `.psbb' request (which
>     should also be moved into libgroff).

I've moved the routines. But note that readsize_pam() is private, and
definitely should remain so. Users of class image should not need to
know what the graphics format is.

>   . It should be straightforward to implement a `.pambb' request for
>     gtroff.


The interface is to invoke "class image" and call the correct functions
to get the bounding box (class image now has been cleaned up further in
this respect).

>   . Use the \X'pam: ...' syntax (or perhaps a more general
>     \X'image: <format>: ...') to pass the image to the device driver.
> What do you think?

I will get back to you once I've learned more about groff internals.

> PS: Please use `diff -u' relative to the current CVS.

Will do. For some reason I seem to have forgot to check if CVS was
available when I began.
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