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[Groff] Various Comments on the UTP Book.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: [Groff] Various Comments on the UTP Book.
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 14:59:10 +0000


A slight modification to the book at -- it shows
the patch applied to the downloaded files prior to printing but after
calculating the checksums.

Sorry for the list of problems with no fixes, but I thought it better
that than no list at all.

> There seems to be a problem with a chapter heading macro which
> capitalizes words.  Chapters with words like 'ms' and 'mm' should not
> be blindly capitalized, IMHO.

The original book didn't capitalise the chapter titles and I don't see a
great reason for us to either.  Especially, in computing, we have
significant lower-case words, like mm.  So I'd vote +1 for removing the
upper-casing of .chapter.

Chapter 12 starts with a .page that has more than the page number on it,
I think it should match the rest of the .pages.

If .do-page is used then the formatting of the book hangs somewhere
around the `ig ,' in ch14.t.  A poorly placed .page perhaps?  -mtrace
helps a bit here.

We need .chapter to ensure it's starting a new odd-numbered page now
we're formatting multiple chapters into one PostScript file.

When a new chapter starts, the page header gives the title of the old
chapter, e.g. ch. 2, p. 13.  AFAICS there's no need for the chapter
title to appear in the header of the first page of a chapter?

A basic table of contents, e.g. just the chapter number, title, and
page, would be great for a high-level overview of the book's contents.

The first page of the book proper, i.e. the title page, has a page
number at the top, as does the following page.

The first page of a chapter has the page number in the footer at the
bottom and the header at the top.

The text of Fig. 4.2, p. 60, seems strangely butted up against the left
hand edge of the box.

p. 259, the pic showing the dependencies of `Manual' has the text too
big for the boxes.

The heading at the bottom of p. 259 has no following text.  Should
headings of a certain level `keep together' with their following item?



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