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Re: Fw: [Groff] [groff/patch] transparent gzip

From: Stewart Russell
Subject: Re: Fw: [Groff] [groff/patch] transparent gzip
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 10:01:08 -0400
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Meg McRoberts wrote:

Just a sideways thought, but it seems to me that we should be modifying
the man command so it can read HTML-formatted man pages.

isn't that the wrong way up? Converting from one arbitrary presentational markup to another is difficult to maintain, for someone will always find a new way to represent space between paragraphs, be it CSS or <p>&nbsp;</p>

Solaris's silent docbook to manpage pleasantly surprised me the first time I noticed it. Red Hat's similar technology would impress me more if they had more things with manual pages -- is it me, or does anyone miss the ability to do 'man <whatever>' on these newer distros?


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