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[Groff] UTP

From: Michael Hobgood
Subject: [Groff] UTP
Date: Sun, 30 Jun 2002 14:02:02 -0500

        I do not know what you mean
by the phrase you are ready to edit.
To clarify, let me say what is needed
for the chapters that I have typed.
Mind you, this is applicable only
to the chapters that have 
Michael Hobgood
by them on Larrys' list.
These chapters are 8, 9, 10, 14, 15,
17, 18.

First, don't even look at Chapter 15.
It contains many gross hacks and outright
butchery jobs.

For the others, at _this_stage_of_the_game
what is needed is a proof reading. Nothing
more.  Grab a copy of the pbm or pdf 
originals.  Then, undertake that 
laborious task of making sure that the
content of the original matches the
content of what I've marked up.  Don't
worry about _HOW_ it is marked up. 
The _HOW_ is unimportant for now.

Most content mistakes I catch during the
typing and markup phases.  Notice that I 
used the word most, not the word _all_.
That is where your help can be most
productive.  While marking up Chapter 10
I noticed that I had left out one whole
list item from the original text version.
These are the mistakes that need correcting.

If you wish to help with any chapter I've 
worked on, please assist in the above 
manner.  I prefer unified diffs against
the original, but I'll accept any method
of letting me know where a mistake is.

If you go to Larrys' site, you will find
that some items have yet to be put into
text form.  Steve Izma and Ralph Corderoy
might even appreciate some help getting
the remaining sections typed up. This
would certainly be an area where you
can help.

The bottom line is that we are trying
to reproduce the original Unix Text
Processing. We are not trying to make
it match exactly the layout style, but
we do want it to contain all the
original contents.  Help along these
lines will always be appreciated.

Michael Hobgood

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