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Re: [Groff] man problem under non-latin1 locale

From: ralph
Subject: Re: [Groff] man problem under non-latin1 locale
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2002 13:33:27 +0000


> > The default behavior is in my eyes correct.  The bad thing is that
> > the latin-1 device *explicitly* changes the auto-hyphenation
> > character to something different from the hyphen, which it
> > shouldn't.  The postscript device doesn't.
> Hmm, the default behaviour can easily be changed, and I don't insist
> that the current behaviour is the optimal one.  groffers, please tell
> me your opinions whether the soft hyphen character should be set to
> \[hy] for latin1.

I'm with Tadziu on this one, I think.


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