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[Groff] man problem under non-latin1 locale

From: Borsenkow Andrej
Subject: [Groff] man problem under non-latin1 locale
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:48:33 +0300

There are two problems associated with using man under non-iso-8859-1
(or derivatives) locale.

1. There are several special characters used in formatting. I can name
at least:

- soft hyphenation
- bullets used in list
- right accent (in quotations like `someword')

All these are mapped to characters from upper part of iso-8859-1; when
you are using any KOI8-R they are displayed as pseudo graphic with
really ugly results.

Note that nroff (used in man) is already shell script here so I am
thinking about checking current locale and adding -m parameter that
would override these definitions. I know how to redefine shc - how can I
redefine \(bu and right accent?

Does it sound reasonable?

2. Russian manual pages badly need hyphenation, because average word
length in Russian is even larger than in English. I tried to grab TeX
pattern file and format it with example of but it does not
work. I have tried bot

- literal text (in KOI8-R)
- translated into \[charXXX] (thinking groff may be confused by upper

Is it possible at all?

Another problem is _when_ to use Russian hyphenation (assuming it is
possible). It must depend on man page contents not on any locale set. Is
it possible to set extra parameters in man.conf depending on man
directory? In this case we could call nroff for /usr/share/man/ru/* with
explicit -m... that loads Russian table.



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