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RE: [Groff] sqtroff / groff diffs - escape sequences

From: Andy Crichton
Subject: RE: [Groff] sqtroff / groff diffs - escape sequences
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002 17:22:20 -0000

I have converted all of the []'s to '''s but there is still the matter of
\D'b and \D'w
As an aside sqtroff allows most characters (apart from operators) for the

\D'b dh dv '
is to draw a box from the current position of width dh (defaults to points)
and length dv(in vertical line space) from the current position.

I presume I can get the current position from a register and draw the box
with explicit positions instead?

\D'w sets the gray scale or resets it to it's previous setting if there are
no arguments. The example from the sqtroff book for white text on a black
background is

\D[f 1]\D[b (u;\n[.l]-\n[.i]) 1.2v]\D[w 1]\D[f 0]

Is there a separate register for the grayscale of text and other drawn
objects in groff?

I am trying to achieve a box containing black text with a grayscale
background so there is a
some text

where .AA starts the box section and .BB ends it

groff doesn't have \h[...] but, following the original, \h'...' only.

I wonder why Clark hasn't allowed this.  Any idea?  It should be quite
easy to allow [ and ] for all escapes as delimiters also.  I don't
see syntax or compatibility problems firsthand.

Additionally, groff doesn't have \D'b ...' -- what is this?

> \h[-\\n[tmarg]u]\v[-\\n[vadj]]\D[b \\n[width]u -\\n[height]u]

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