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RE: [Groff] sqtroff / groff diffs - escape sequences

From: Andy Crichton
Subject: RE: [Groff] sqtroff / groff diffs - escape sequences
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 09:09:10 -0000

Firstly, thanks Ted!

>Now we've finally an sqtroff user, so we can probably test this!
>The question:
>  Do \D'...' commands which draw *closed* objects (except circle and
>  ellipse) move the current position?

Yes, if I do A\D[b 2.75i -10p]B
I get A[BOX]B
(send me some code if this is not what you meant and I will render it and

>I'm also interested which drawing commands exist within sqtroff.
arc             \D[a dh1 dv1 dh2 dvs]
box             \D[b dh dv]
circle  \D[c d]
ellipse \D[e dh dv]
figure fill     \D[f 0..1]
line            \D[l dh dv]
thickness       \D[t ..]
gray scale      \D[w ..]
B-spline        \D[~ dh1 dv1 dh2 dv2 ...]
vert. rule      \L[[+-] expression [c]] (

Andy C

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