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[Groff] double-side page shifting for groff -ms?

From: Alexy Khrabrov
Subject: [Groff] double-side page shifting for groff -ms?
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 17:59:27 -0500 (EST)

Greetings -- I really enjoy the typesetting
quality of troff as compared to TeX.  Recently, I
printed documentation for gnuplot
(, which comes in a meta-bundle,
form which different docs formats can be made,
including troff.  The troff one is intended to be
printed on Linux via 

groff -t -e -msg

It produces fine output (except rejecting some
tables), and then I print it on a double-sided

The only complaint I have is that the odd pages
are not shifted differently then the odd ones, as
appropriate for double-sided printing, e.g. on
3-hole punched paper.  The even pages have an
appropriately wide right margin, while the odd
ones have this wide margin on the right instead
if left, where binding will go.

What is the easiest way, at troff level, to cause
groff produce double-sided PS output with wide
margins on the same side of the sheet?

And/or, what is the easiest way to shift the
resulting odd PS pages?  (That would apply to all
single-sided PS outputs now intended for
double-sided printing, not just groff's, so this
is a semi-relevant question).

Please reply to my address as well as I'm a lurker

Alexy V. Khrabrov :: :: Age Quod Agis

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