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[Groff] Strange gxditview behavior - FIX

From: Larry Kollar
Subject: [Groff] Strange gxditview behavior - FIX
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:07:19 -0500

Saving the "raw" output from (using the -Z) option turned
up something interesting -- wherever gxditview was having trouble,
there were one or more "F" lines in the output.

The code in src/xditview/parse.c doesn't catch this line, so the
next thing it picks up is "p" -- which is, of course, a page break.
Why is groff is printing five lines of this?

But getting gxditview to ignore it is easy -- I've included the
very short patch. It may not be the True Fix, but now gxditview
is useful.

*** parse.c.orig        Tue Feb 13 19:47:04 2001
--- parse.c     Tue Feb 13 19:49:45 2001
*** 151,156 ****
--- 151,158 ----
                        FlushCharCache (dw);
                        return dw->dvi.current_page;
+                       /* eat the line if we don't use it */
+                       (void) GetLine(dw, Buffer, BUFSIZ);

There's still the eroded scroll bars... but it would probably
be easier to find a distressed font (the kind that looks like
it came from a broken typewriter) than it would for me to learn
X and figure out what's going on. :-)


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