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[Groff] Re: groff and keep query

From: Dean Allen Provins
Subject: [Groff] Re: groff and keep query
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 09:10:46 -0600 (MDT)


Thanks for the positive comment.

With regard to your queries concerning floating keeps, and the
associated problem of page numbering,  I have no good solution.
What I normally do is re-arrange my text, and/or use fixed keeps to
ensure that I get the desired figure (or table) order.

The problem of page numbering is one which I too find annoying, but I
have not pursued it at the source code level.  I am forwarding a copy
of this reply (with your comments) to the GROFF list, in the hope that
the maintainers either have an immediate solution, or are in a
position to create one.

Thanks again for your response.


Dean Provins

> You presented a good tutorial 
> Since you use the 'ms' macros and have presumably created
> theses or books with them, I have a question.
> Here are two  problems that I have noted with the .KF and .KE commands
> Have you encountered anything similar?
> o For papers, the rule is that Figures or Tables appear after their
>   first reference, and in the order of appearance. I have noted that
>   the floating keeps seem to place material where it will fit and
>   not in the order of invocation - e.g., I may see Fig 2 on page 10 and Fig 1
>   on page 11.
> o I attempted to create the lsit fo Figures for a thesis through the use of
>   a macro, which I call .Fc I have a similar macro for tables, called .Tc
> The use of the macro is illustrated here:
>   .KF
>   .PSPIC fig3.2.eps 5.0i
>   .ps 10
>   .vs 12
>   .Fc "L" "3.2" "The starting model ...  'true' model to crete 'observed 
> data'."
>   .ps 12
>   .vs 20
>   .KE
> The macro is defined as:
>   .de Fc
>   .       \"Figure caption $1 is C or L for justification
>   .       \"              $2 is Number, $3 is text all on one line
>   .vs 14
>   .if '\\$1'C' \{\
>   .ce 1 \
>   \}
>   Fig. \\$2. \\$3
>   .br
>   .vs 20
>   .sp
>   .tm FIG:.sp
>   .tm FIG:\\$2\tT{
>   .tm FIG:\\$3
>   .tm FIG:T}\t\\n(PN
>   ..
> Obviously everythng is sent to the standard error output, placed into a
> file, which is later parsed into groff commands to create the table of
> contents, list of figures and tables.
> OK -- here is my question.  I desire to have the page number of the
> actual page where the figure appears placed in the list of figures.
> However, the combination of my .Fc macro and the use of keeps, yields the
> page from which the keep was invoked - thus the page numebrs are off.
> Is there some way with in the floating keep mechanism to defer the 
> page number invocation until the figure is actually paced onto the page.
> If you deem these non-trivial questions, you may forward them to the
> groff list server
> Bob
> Robert B. Herrmann
> Professor of Geophysics
> Saint Louis University
> 3507 Laclede Avenue
> St. Louis, MO 63103
> TEL: 314 977 3120
> FAX: 314 977 3117

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