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[Groff] HOWTO ready for first inspection

From: Dean Allen Provins
Subject: [Groff] HOWTO ready for first inspection
Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 11:33:41 -0600 (MDT)



I just got the details from the U of C WEB Master on how to make the
files accessible.  It seems to work.

Those of you interested in looking at a DRAFT version of the HOWTO
for GROFF AND FRIENDS, please go to <>.
There you will see a simple page (generated with Gaius' grohtml formatter
- thanks Gaius) with http links to gzipped and ungzipped PostScript
(about 60 pages including references, table of contents and reasonably
extensive index) and the 'ms' source (not gzipped).

There are many holes - the first you'll see is a list of contributors
that is clearly too short.  I'll be happy to lengthen it - give me
some feedback.

Other obvious areas (to me) include the lengthy Makefile listing, and
possibly the two versions of some tables.  There's a definite bias to
the document:  it tells the world how I use groff, not necessarily the
best way to use it.

When I started the HOWTO, it was version 1.15, and I know that changes
have occurred.  This may be another hole, or it may be covered in
other documents.  What is the consensus.

Please peruse the files, and give me some feedback (+ve and -ve welcome).
If -ve though, suggestions for improvement would be even more welcome.

I should add that to be accepted for inclusion in the Linux HOWTOs,
it has to be in SGML.  I don't suppose anyone is working on an 'ms' to
'sgml' converter?


Dean Provins

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