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[Groff] Re: (many table fixes)

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] Re: (many table fixes)
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 00:38:13 GMT

> Here are the patches for which include many table fixes.  So
> finally (I think..) it deals with manual pages in a reasonably
> sensible manner.  (Werner's man.n test works - I've tried a few
> others bash.1, zcat.1 etc and they generate reasonable html IMHO).
> Sometimes it makes a mistake when subscripting occurs, but I think
> it is much better than before.  Anyway I'll let you judge :-)

It's better, really!  I've applied your patch to the CVS.

Nevertheless, still some bugs in it.  As usual, I'm refering to man.1
of the mandb package; my command to create man.html was

  groff -U -t -man -Thtml -P-r -P200 man.1 > man.html

.) The `-w , --where, --location' node at the beginning of man.html
   shouldn't be there at all.

.) Some paragraphs still contain hyphenated words (e.g. first
   paragraph of the `DESCRIPTION' section).

.) Is it possible to have anti-aliased PNG images?

.) The item `man --help' in the `EXAMPLES' section doesn't start a new

.) In the description of the -r switch (in the `OPTIONS' section),
   there is a new paragraph in the middle of a sentence.

.) What about centering the images?  Or does it depend on the table

.) In the `OPTIONS' section, `-c, --catman' and `-d, --debug' are
   glued together which shouldn't happen.

.) Sometimes, an empty line is missing between items, e.g. between the
   description of the -e and the -f options.

.) After the `-w, --where, --location' line, there is a superfluous
   empty line.

.) The indentation in the `FILES' section is inconsistent.  The same
   is true for `-V, --version' a few lines above.

Keep on with your excellent work!


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