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[Groff] more HTML bugs

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: [Groff] more HTML bugs
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999 01:23:20 GMT


checking a weird man page written by myself in German (using German
hyphenation patterns also :-), I found some more bugs:

.) Look at the following:

.BI -P \ \%Plattform-ID\^\c

   This translates to

[<font size=3><B>-E</B> <font size=3><I>Kodierungs-ID</I> <font size=3>]
   (groff breaks the line after the final `]'.)

   There are two errors in it: First of all, the `\ ' command should
   be translated to `&nbsp;'.  Secondly, a blank has crept in (marked
   with `^'.  Apparently, this is related to whether it is the last
   item of a line or not.

.) The command `\(->', translates to the `registered' sign (or rather
   the character `0xAE') instead of a right arrow.

.) The following code produces ugly results -- is it possible to make
   the HTML result similar to the ascii output?

.in +4m
.ta 3iC
.I "Plattform   Plattform-ID (pid)"
.ta 3iR
Apple Unicode   0
Macintosh       1
ISO     2
Microsoft       3


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