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Re: Gpsd sending SKY message twice

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: Gpsd sending SKY message twice
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2022 22:25:44 -0800

Yo Tomáš!

On Tue, 29 Nov 2022 06:22:29 +0100
Tomáš Vostřel <> wrote:

> > Before we can help you furhter, you need to run gpsdebuginfo, and
> > send us the output.  That is easier for us all, rather than playing
> > 20 questions to get the important info from you that you have not
> > already provided.
> >  
> That's not an option because gpsd is running on a proprietal embedded
> system without many tools gpsdebuginfo uses, e.g. python. So the
> output is full of "command not found" messages, not useful.

Please let be the judge of what is useful.  A lot of the output
does not require python.  None of the stuff I was looking for
from you needed python.

> Can I ask another question regarding gpsd sending PPS messages? It
> seems gpsd only ships them if control socket is enabled at build
> time. Why is it?

I never run gpsd with a control socket, and PPS works fine for me.


tell me you did not compile so that this part did not get built?

> /* on PPS interrupt, ship a message to all clients

With no sockets, no way for gpsd to ouput the time!

Can you send me your build log?  Looks like you have done so weird things.

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