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GPS satelllite view question

From: Nick Taylor
Subject: GPS satelllite view question
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 14:04:06 +0000
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Hi all

General question on satellite orbits...

We have a test lab where they have a row of GPS antenna mounted in window - apparently single glazed.

They have been operating like this for years and haven't reported problems to us before - although that's not to say that they didn't have problems and not tell anyone.

My question is... I realise that in ideal world GPS should have as full view of sky as possible, but is it expected in the above scenario that there can be periods of time (hours to days) where the portion of sky visible by these GPS antenna in window can fail to see any satellite data

That's what I suspect is happening there at the moment (multiple independent units showing same symptoms):

Comments welcome



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