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Re: New gpsd version with TCP reconnect

From: Nick Taylor
Subject: Re: New gpsd version with TCP reconnect
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2022 09:53:07 +0000
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Yo Gary

gpsd:INFO: Command line: gpsd -nND 10 tcp://

-D4 or -D5 is enough, we don't need the nitty gritty cahar by char
decoding.  Message level is good enough.  We get messages, or not.
Sorry yes we upped the debug but I never dropped back down...
I see you have a client connected, you never mentioned that:

gpsd:SPIN: client ::1 (0) connect on fd 8
gpsd:CLIENT: => client(0) len 113: 
This was probably me firing up cgps to test
You only waited 119 seeconds for disconnect to be detected:

gpsd:DATA: gpsd_multipoll(7) = 0
gpsd:PROG: gpsd_multipoll(7) DEVICE_UNCHANGED for 119

Then you stopped the log there.  When and how, did you reenable the
connection between the client and server?
My test procedure was same as we have been doing...

- Block the connection (I used exact same as you)

- wait until socat times out - normally 15-20 mins

- Unblock connection

- I probably waited 2-3 mins after that before stopping log, but I have left it longer and nothing seems to change

I see new test version which will try today

Many thanks


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