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Re: 1024 Week Rollover issue with MT-3333 based GPS Receiver

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: 1024 Week Rollover issue with MT-3333 based GPS Receiver
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2022 12:42:39 -0800

Yo Daljeet!

On Thu, 10 Nov 2022 18:40:44 +0000
"Singh, Daljeet" <> wrote:

> We are  using gpsd version 3.15 with MT-3333 chip


3.15 is 7 years old, a lot has changed since then.

The MT3333 is 6 years old and also getting long in the tooth.

> and we are starting
> to see 1024 week rollover issue on our units (Not all units are
> producing bad date yet). We decided to try the latest gpsd version
> and somehow it is able to deal with the rollover which is a good
> news. I was looking through the sources and could not figure out how
> this might be getting done. Want to make sure that this is not just a
> fluke.

There have been a number of changes here and there to support 1024
week rollover bugs.  Finding them all will take a lot of
work.  Just be happy it works.

> I have confirmed that the GPS receiver is returning 2003 date yet the
> 3.23 version can fix the rollover automatically.

Yes, 3.23 fixes many rollover bugs, I epxect more will be found.
3.23 is a ear old, you should use at least 3.24.

> Will appreciate a
> pointer because my alternative is to update F/W on the GPS receiver
> chips.

You should upgrade your MT333 F/W as well.

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