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Re: gpsd disconnects using ublox M8T

From: Gary E. Miller
Subject: Re: gpsd disconnects using ublox M8T
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2022 12:33:42 -0700

Yo Jon!

On Thu, 3 Nov 2022 17:12:57 +0000
Jon Ulrigg <> wrote:

> New to the list (and new to gpsd as well, but seem to be coming up to
> speed quickly =) )


> I found a message from 2019 about a problem I'm presently having.
> Previous thread was titled "gpsd loses the connection with the M8T
> when Raw is enabled."

Got a link to it?

> I'm running linux 5.10.80 on an Atmel processor, with gpsd 3.23.1
> configured to use /dev/ttyS1 for the u-blox

Uh, 3.23.1 is old.  Please try 3.24, or git head.

> gpspipe: 3.23.1 (revision 3.23.1)
> + gpspipe -w -n 2 -x 20

Looks OK, exxcept no output.

You skipped the important part, hos are you starting gpsd?

> I'm using a u-blox M8T with ubx protocol,

And how are you doing that?  That is the default that gpsd tries to
set on an M8T.

> and gpsd is dropping
> connection to the M8T, and looks like it is trying to cycle through
> lower baud rates when reconnecting.

Got logs that show that?

> I've set the baud at 115200
> using:

Why?  For most things, the default 9,600 is fine.

> ubxtool -s 115200
> ubxtool -S 115200

You have those in the wrong order.  You set the local port speed,  before
the receiver port speed, so the second command never gets to the receiver.

> The previous thread mentioned disabling rawx which I believe I've
> done using
> ubxtool -d RAWX

We don't care about beliefs here.  Either you know, or you don't.  A
quick look at ubxtool output will show yout:

# ubxtool -v 2 -w 10

> I've also disabled NMEA sentences with
> ubxtool -d NMEA

Which should not be required, unless you did something else.  Did you
also enable the BINARY sentences?  As the example show you to?

> The disconnects seem less frequent, but still occur, within a couple
> minutes usually.

Hard for us to know without seeing your -D 4 log output, and gpspipe -R

> If I let cgps run, eventually it will print out a
> cgps: GPS timout
> and exit.

Not very helpful diagnosticaly.  See above.

> Any suggestions or things to try greatly appreciated

Send us the -D log output, and the gpspipe -R output.

The output of gpsdebuginfo may also be helpful.

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