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Re: Attempting to access the GD-8200 GPS

From: Stuart Blake Tener
Subject: Re: Attempting to access the GD-8200 GPS
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2022 11:27:23 -0400
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Greg, et alia:

Thank you Greg for your very interesting and informative disquisition and everyone for their comments.

I actually ordered a VK-172 the other day and it is on its way on a slow boat from China.

I also located these instructions (see the link below) which stand indicative of how to interface such a USB based GPS receiver for usage with both NTPd or Chronyd (Kali Linux has Chronyd by default). The level of precision spoken of in the document linked below will work fine for me. I have doubts as to if this VK-172 will receive a signal in my house, but, I would imagine getting a U-Blox 8 based GPS board with an external antenna connection point ought not be too hard to find either as a future project. That said, for $4 and change I will try this device first.

I intend to re-install Linux on my laptop in the near future, as I wish to have ProxMox be my "boot up distro" and have Kali available to run in a VM for those occasions whence it becomes necessary.

For me, logging is not of any financial transactions or that sort of thing, it is just system logging and assuring that the date and time are reasonably correct (even using the USNO NTP servers works okay for me, but I do like having GPS capability too, though I need to put more time into figuring out how to get Navit and Google Earth installed and working on my laptop too). Having cm or dm positional accuracy is not something I care about, though sure, I am fine if I could have it, accuracy with 1 meter is fine for plotting directions (or trying to accomplish RF path analysis or terrain analysis, which I rarely do, but is of interest to me).

Thanks again to everyone!


Very Respectfully,

Stuart Blake Tener, BScCS, N3GWG (Extra), MROP
Computer Scientist / FCC Licensed Radio Operator

Las Vegas, NV / Philadelphia, PA

(310) 358-0202 Mobile Phone
(215) 338-6005 Google Voice

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